About HADJ Saddles

In the history of the Gibson acoustic, it is an adjustable bridge renowned as a representative of the 1960s.
Its unique sound and operability is still supported by many users, and it has been adopted many times in reprint models in recent years.
The type of the original Gibson’s adjustable saddle is roughly divided into two types,
There are “ceramic saddle” and “wooden saddle”. However, recently adopted in the reissue model is a saddle made by the tusk, and Gibson does not give the original saddle replacement parts that often break.
Many of the currently available saddles are tusks, ceramic, and original Brazilian rosewood saddle are not available from Gibson.
“Adjustable saddle without choice”. We discovered that the sound changes greatly depending on the type of this saddle.
Among them, is there anything good for wood other than Brazilian rosewood in wooden saddles? We focused on this point.
Taking advantage of the characteristics of this saddle which can be exchanged without hurting the original Gibson vintage, we tried many prototypes.
Trying a lot of tone woods used for various instruments carefully selected. To make the acoustic guitar sounds the player wants which is difficult to change the sound unlike electric guitar. For that reason, we prepared a variety of variations saddle that has “characteristic” and “goodness” that are different from the same wooden or Brazilian rosewood saddle respectively.
To those who want to bring the ADJ model to another stage, making closer to the ideal sound. Please try once.
Of course, it is also recommended as a replacement part for repair and replacement.



PRICE¥3,000(without tax)