HSC-B (For electric bass)

A gig case compatible with both prices and specs by picking up the voice of customers.

For JB, PB type.
Standard sizes such as Rickenbacker 4001 and G&L L2000 will fit.
A 5-string or 6-string bass depends on the length of the head.

– A spacious pocket corresponding to A4 size file etc at the lower part.
– You can store musical scores and cables well enough.
– The pocket which is also provided at the top is also ideal for inserting accessories such as tuners and capotasts.
– The shoulder belt which is a backpack type has cushioning property and is stress free.
– There is no metal fittings at the base, even a woman won’t hurt their shoulders.
– The part where the back adheres is also a mesh material and it can bear without steaming.
– Handles that are provided at the front and back of the center and the side respectively.
– This specification that supports various environments and situations supports players at every scene.
– As well as internal cushioning properties, rubber feet are also mounted on the external bottom as standard. It relieves impact.
– The detachable neck support can be installed according to the shape of the guitar.
– Velcro for fixing is also attached, you can hold firmly.
– Head part slightly extended than general acoustic case.
– The internal cushion thickness adopts the industry’s largest class of 20 mm. The head part is 40 mm in double.

※Please note that specifications are subject to change without notice.


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